Consult to scope a project

  • We work with you from the start on a consultation process of your choice. This usually includes a face to face meeting or video call to understand what you need, a site visit, a full proposal with mock ups and visuals, a timeline and an itemised costing based on your budget. 
  • We explore what photos and what final image you want to be the final artwork, and if you do not already know we encourage you to keep an open mind. 
  • For smaller projects with a fast turn-around, we make you a mock up of your chosen image to view online. 
  • The consultation process also enables us to share with you our standard terms, copyright, licensing and client resource pack.

Brand your idea 

  • Unless you have an identity already for the project, or have an agency or in house designer, we offer services to brand your project, ranging from graphic design of the title and logo, so the look and feel ties in with what you want the project to communicate to your audience.
  • We have templates for printed flyers, leaflets, pop up banners, photography backdrops, posters and digital signage. We also have a web designer who can transfer these to websites in the form of banners and assets for you.
  • We can create behind the scenes photos, video promos for social media and websites, copywriting, press releases and text that describes the project clearly to your audience.

Engage your audience 

  • You can run a campaign yourself based on our guidelines, and/or we can support your organisation's marketing team to collect photos or we can run a campaign entirely for you. 
  • With our active social media platforms we create posts like 'Photo of the Day’ that feature a user submission with a great story, project partner hashtags and URL links. We run social media ads with promotional content, calls to action and videos.
  • We work with you and your PR partners to ensure all user content is accessible to you and you can moderate and access it and share it to your platforms and press contacts.

Collect your photos 

  • Our customisable public upload forms and live galleries are embedded into our website. You can also choose to embed these on your website and multiple partner websites so to reach a wide audience and compliment your marketing strategy. 
  • We also design workshops and live photo pop ups with photographers. We can access archives and picture libraries, as well as public domain imagery.
  • If the photos do not involve a public campaign we send you a private form to upload them to our studio. Partners can upload in bulk to a private form. Photographs are collected via our GDPR compliant secure content management system.

Produce the work 

  • At all times we work behind the scenes in the studio pre-producing the artwork and provide examples of work in progress for review online, we visit you or you can visit our studio. 
  • We create and refine the large high resolution gigapixel photo mosaic artworks and provide you with proof prints of finishes and installation options. We follow your media guidelines and formats in advance of final production and test any software and hardware requirements. 
  • For print & installation, we produce a method statement, risk assessment and follow procedure on site. We provide you adequate time to review and sign-off the project officially. 
  • At the end of a project we securely archive the project and store it for up to ten years.

Present the final work 

  • We deliver the artwork on time, however small a project, we know how important this is especially if it is tied to an event.
  • Whether an artwork is designed for a temporary event, installation, exclusive gift or is permanent and part of a legacy plan we will ensure the appropriate strategy is in place and at the start of the consultation process. In other words we ensure that the final artwork is related to what you wanted to get out of the process from the beginning and meets the brief.
  • Beyond just the final artwork and its immediate impact all the photos and stories can still be made into a commemorative book, an online artwork, posters, limited edition prints, a documentary – the project can still go on living.